The Journey of an African Woman

The life of an African Woman began from the very day she was born into the African Society. It all started from infancy when the African girl child strive hard to survive. All she had was Self-esteem and self-confident. At her adolescent stage which is very crucial in life, she could clearly distinguish good from bad.

Who is this African girl child am talking about? The one whose life is full of negativity. she never allowed the negativity around her pull her down and this what I call the power of an African Woman. Despite the trauma, she endured and passed through in her early stages till now has shaped her to the extent that, she gathers more hope when all seems hopeless. The hope and power she got from that stage of life built her into a powerful adult full of zeal and faith that she will make it.

Our journey as African Women is of hard work, confident, zeal and not fear, but sound mind and can do spirits fully of positivism. Africa had produce a lot of great and powerful women who are now the voice of women in Africa. Their journey of becoming African Women were not the attitude of Slay Queens but of humility and ready to learn spirit.

This comes down to the very question I want to ask what is the future of the 21st Century African Women? Is it a life of laziness or life of positive vibes? As young ladies like us what are we telling our African Men to look out for in us.

I look at my very own young females who call themselves slay queens what they do with their beautiful moulded bodies given to them by God how they showcase them on social media and I cry my heart out and I ask myself is that the journey of a well groomed African Woman.

Let’s prove to the entire African Continent and world that “The Journey of the African Woman” is none of the above but of ambition and optimistic behavior.

African Women let us rise and help build our dearest continent, our voice is also needed.


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